Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pumpkin Cranberry Cake

I had leftover pumpkin puree in my fridge, plus a couple of bags of cranberries I bought early in the season out of excitement but without any plans for them.  So I found this recipe, which I had printed last year when in a similar cranberry-surplus scenario but never made.  Since my hurricane cake was such a success I decided to give this a go.  The recipe mentioned a crumb topping but I didn't have that page, so instead I pulled out the handy ATC Baking Cookbook and chose a glaze from there.  I went with almond, which wasn't an exact fit (the cake has walnuts in it) but worked well.  When I make it again I'm going to sub pecans for the walnuts and figure out how to do maple glaze. 

What, it's got a fruit and a vegetable in the title, it's still healthy right?

I'm officially into bundt cakes now.  The test kitchen book has several recipes including an apple one and a "tunnel of fudge" one I need to try.

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